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Planet Open Source - Welcome

Welcome to Planet Open Source!  This website is dedicated to the promotion of FREE open standards based open source components for MCUs.  By promoting open standards, we offer greater efficiency to developers and OEMs and eliminate locking to specific hardware and software vendors.


All software modules or components which fit with this model can be posted here by you - this is your community.  A registration is required for posting.


The solutions posted here are not contaminated by GPL so you have no worries about giving up your application to the community.  The open source license used here is focussed on building open standards based, open source components for deeply embedded systems and developers.


The site offers two FREE kernels and two FREE RTOS solutions today.  The 16 bit DSPnano RTOS and the 32 bit Unison RTOS offer 100% compatible Linux and POSIX in an ultra tiny footprint suitable for system on chip (SoC) MCUs.  The kernel for DSPnano and the kernel for Unison are available without registration.


Planet Open Source is intended that these software components are completely FREE,  including FREE commercial distribution and FREE community support. 


The license features are described in the License Summary page.  The full license agreement is provided on the License page.


You will find the current downloads on the Downloads page.  Registration is not required for kernel downloads but is required for complete RTOS downloads.


Comments of all kinds are welcome!  Please let us know how we are doing.  Volunteers are welcome too.

Top top Copyright (C) Planet Open Source 2009